American Roofing: We Are Certified Roofing Contractors

What Qualifications Does a Roofer Need?

Becoming a certified roofing contractor isn’t easy. Just like you want your auto mechanic to be properly trained and certified before working on your vehicle, you want to be sure that your roofer has done the same before allowing him to work on the sensitive and complex roofing system of your home. A certified roofer receives certifications from some of the most well respected certifying organizations in the industry, usually a product manufacturer. Credentials provided by these manufacturer’s show that a roofing company can be trusted to provide efficient, high-quality, reliable roofing repairs and replacements.

Recognized certified roofing credentials include:

  • Silver Star and Gold Star credentials which are given to the best commercial roofing companies by CertainTeed, a leading national building materials manufacturer.
  • ShingleMaster and SELECT ShingleMaster credentials which are also given by CertainTeed to residential roofing specialists.

Both the Gold Star and SELECT ShingleMaster credentials are the most prestigious.

What Certifications Does American Roofing Have?

American Roofing is a trustworthy certified roofing company. Our certifications not only demonstrate our high status in the roofing industry but also show that we are a trustworthy business.

American Roofing’s certifications show us to be among the best in two areas:

  • Gold Star CertainTeed Certification—commercial roofing
  • SELECT ShingleMaster Certification— residential roofing

Requirements for Gold Star CertainTeed Certification

gold star certainteed contractor

To receive this certification, a roofing contractor must:

  • Install CertainTeed commercial roofing
  • Have been in business for at least five years
  • Have bonding capability greater than $1 million
  • Be authorized to offer no-dollar-limit warranties up to 25 years

Requirements for SELECT ShingleMaster Certification

SELECT ShingleMaster Certification

To receive this certification, a roofing contractor must:

  • Have been in business for at least five years or have been a ShingleMaster for one year
  • Currently employ a Shingle Quality Specialist
  • Hold workers’ compensation insurance and roofing liability insurance
  • Maintain a high level of customer satisfaction—a four-star average on a five-star scale
  • Have the company owner pass a Business Fiscal Responsibility™ exam

These are the highest roofing credentials, which means American Roofing represents exceptional quality and knowledge in the roofing industry. We are proud to meet this high standard, offering you certified roofing work.

We Are a Trustworthy Business

In addition to trusting our roofing expertise, you can trust American Roofing’s business practices.

We are accredited in:

What does this mean? To be accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it must be determined that the business operates with the highest levels of ethics, integrity, and respect. To meet accreditation standards, the company must show that they are committed to resolving consumer complaints.

In Utah, a business can also be Gephardt Approved. Any business can apply, but there is a strict, thorough process. Investigators will take an in-depth look at how the business treats its customers and employees. There are strict criteria, including:

  • Proper licensing
  • No delinquencies
  • Financial stability
  • Good reputation

Not all companies qualify; in fact, as many as 25% are not approved following this investigation process. When you choose a Gephardt Approved roofing company like American Roofing Company, you can rest assured that the company will engage in the highest level of ethical and trustworthy practices. You can trust them to get the job done right.

American Roofing is a Part of the Utah Roofing Contractors Association

Utah Roofing Contractors Association is a community of some of the finest roofers and workers in the roofing industry and allows for collaboration and rare knowledge-sharing opportunities. This provides American Roofing access to the most current industry information as well as training on safety and procedure best practices. Being in this community also gives American Roofing Company frequent opportunities to give back through service opportunities and volunteer efforts. With access to these invaluable resources, you can rest assured that American Roofing is able and ready to provide the best roofing services for you.

Place Your Confidence in Certified Roofers

American Roofing Company is a certified roofing contractor. We have gone above and beyond to make sure we meet the most stringent requirements to prove to you that we are a trustworthy, qualified, and capable roofing company. Your home and your roof are safe in our hands.

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This company does great work. We have hired them several times around our storage unit property the very best part of the whole process was the follow up care by Dave. He made sure we were completely satisfied with the work, and clean up. He is friendly and a great representation of American Roofing.

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It was a quick and painless experience. They did an awesome job. Very prompt and it looks really nice.

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Great company to do business with! Would definitely recommend them to friends and family. Thank you!

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