Roof Hail Damage Repair

Your home’s roof is vital in keeping the interior safe from the elements. Damage to the roofing can cause further structural problems below.

American Roofing Company is your leading local roofing contractor and source for roof hail damage repair and replacement. We have been in business since 1954 and apply our extensive knowledge and experience to provide the best service for your roofing needs.

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What Is Hail Damage?

Hail occurs when ice forms inside the updrafts of thunderstorms. The ice can present as tiny pellets or large balls. Hailstones of all sizes can cause significant damage to your property.

Ice hitting your roof can crack or crush shingles or tiles. The cracks then allow moisture to seep through the roofing materials into the structure below. Widespread moisture damage can lead to more significant problems within your living space.

Strong winds often make hailstorms more intense, resulting in severe damage. Besides propelling hail into your roof, wind can tear shingles from your roof deck. Any storm-related damage requires immediate attention and repair.

What Are Some Signs That Hail Damage Has Occurred?

Before even stepping foot on the roof, you can look for hail damage signs.

Look for Damaged Shingles

Signs of hail damage to a shingle roof include granules or pieces of shingles in the gutters or drains. Once on the roof, look for bruised shingles or shingles that feel soft or mushy. Look for random pitting as well.

Look for Dents

When a roof has experienced hail damage it will have a mixture of dents, cracks, and splinters. The dents will vary in size depending on how big the hail is.

Look for Materials and Shingles in the Gutters and on the Ground

Wood, slate, and tile roofing may crack and break, resulting in small bits of the material in the gutters or on the ground. Check on the roof for cracks and breaks in the shingles if you can’t see any from the ground.

If there are any signs that your roof has been damaged by hail it is important to begin repairs and prevent further damage to your roof. If you don’t repair or replace a hail-damaged roof, the damaged sections won’t protect against moisture and other climate conditions. Contact your roofing contractors nearby to get a quote and begin repairs.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I hired American Roofing after experiencing some hail damage to the roof of our home. The overall process was great. American Roofing was quick at getting an estimator to give us a price, helped us navigate our home owners insurance process, and were right on time starting the project. We did run into a few bumps throughout the process and American Roofing really stepped up to make sure it was resolved timely and to our satisfaction. They answered calls on weekends and after hours and put getting these fixed at the top of their list. I have been extremely happy hiring American Roofing and would recommend them to everyone. They are a longstanding company and Get Gephart recommended for a reason. Hire these guys.

Nicholas Highsmith

Our entire neighborhood was hit by a massive hail storm at the end of the summer and everyone needed new roofs. We had heard great things about American Roofing and decided to use them for our repairs. Andrew was great to work with and made sure that our insurance appraisal covered the cost of all of the repairs that were needed. He also checked in with us a few times when he was in the neighborhood and saw us outside and while the crew was working on our roof.

We were very happy with the work that was done and the way that our requests and preferences were accommodated. We also had our gutters replaced through American Roofing and were extremely pleased with the job that was done. They went above and beyond and were quick to come back and add something that had been overlooked the first time they were there.

We’ve suggested American to a lot of neighbors who were in our same situation and those neighbors have used them and loved them as well

Amberly L

Fantastic roof, reasonable and fair pricing and our sales rep. Andrew Y. was exceptional to work with. This is the second house American has roofed for me and I couldn’t imagine going elsewhere. Also, a shout out to their hardworking roofing crew. They did a great job and I’m very happy with my brand new roof.

Andy Hatch

I definitely recommend going with American Roofing. I had an unusual roof with several ridges and angles. It would be difficult for anyone but they did an awesome job and at a competitive price. The roofing material was top notch. It is worth it to get the best with reliable workmanship and all their guarantees.

Nick Ortman

I worked with Andrew to help me understand the cause of the problem and get a quote for the repair work. He was very knowledgeable, had a quote written up while he was onsite, and kept me informed on the schedule and progress. All my questions were answered and the work done by the crew was excellent. Outstanding!

Bruce Wales

We used American Roofing years ago. They did an excellent job. This is the second time American Roofing re-roofed one of our other properties. Again, they are professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and the whole process went unbelievably smooth even with a couple of raining days. With American Roofing, you can trust them 100% without the slightest worry. We highly recommend them with your next roofing need.

Shing-Shing Lin

American Roofing was professional and knowledgeable. They came to inspect our garage leak and noticed extensive hail damage from a recent storm. We ended up getting a new roof through insurance because of them! Throughout the process, they explained everything thoroughly, provided regular updates, and worked to take care of us as well as possible, with quality materials and quality labor. I highly recommend American Roofing! Gephardt was right about these guys!!

Alan Evensen

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Roof Hail Damage Repair FAQs

Roof hail damage is a serious topic. Whether you’re a new homeowner or you’ve owned for years, it’s essential to keep up with your knowledge of how to protect your home from danger. Hail is a ruthless weather phenomenon; an ill-prepared house is prone to thousands of dollars worth of damages. Here are a few questions other homeowners have asked that might be helpful to you:

Yes, even the smallest cracks in your roofing can allow water to enter.

Certain things can be done to a roof to protect it against roof hail damage. For example, rubber roofing is a solid option; however, no roofing is 100% hail-proof.

Along with cracking and damaging shingles, hail damage can expose and even destroy the deck below. Once the outer layers of your roof get compromised, your home becomes more vulnerable to damage.

Hailstones ranging from three-quarters of an inch to two inches in diameter can cause damage to a roof. Larger hail is likely to cause more damage, but wind is often the determining factor. When blown into a roof by strong winds, even tiny stones can penetrate shingles and other materials.

Hailstones measuring 1-2 inches in diameter can fall at speeds of 25-40 miles per hour.

An asphalt shingle roof lasts about 20-30 years if properly maintained. Proper maintenance includes periodic inspections and repairs after storms to seal damaged areas.

Any size of hail can damage your roof. It’s essential to remember that it’s not solely the size of the hail; wind speed also plays a big part in the danger of hail damage.

If a roof is older, it may be more susceptible to hail damage. The same goes for a roof that isn’t adequately taken care of.

Yes, it can. Hail can damage just about anything, but like with everything else, there are precautions you can take to minimize the damage, such as using laminated or tempered glass or polycarbonate panels. You can also look into installing sunroof or skylight shields.