Apartment Roof Replacement in Utah

Apartment Roof Replacement

Installing a new roof can become necessary for many reasons, such as tears, splits, cracking, adhesion failure, bubbling, blistering, organic growth, and exposed timbers. Luckily, American Roofing can handle all this and more.

American Roofing has been installing quality, durable roofing systems on apartment complexes and condominiums since 1954. Over the years, our company has acquired an unbeatable reputation with many apartment complexes all over the entire state of Utah.

Decades of Experience in Utah

A roofing company should be as dependable as you expect your roof to be. American Roofing has decades of experience working on various residential and commercial roofing projects in all types of Utah weather, so you can rest easy knowing you’re dealing with industry experts. We take pride in our customer service, always prioritizing the needs of our clients. Rather than pressuring you into getting an apartment roof replacement, we would recommend repairs if that’s the best option.

Our credentials and certifications are proof of our commitment to delivering quality work every time. When it comes to apartment roof replacement, we offer top-notch installation utilizing premium materials. We can even help with solar panel removal. We’re glad to report that we are a Better Business Bureau recognized and Gephardt Approved company, recognized as residential roofers in your area. With our Gold Star CertainTeed certification, we’re committed to only engaging in the most dependable and trustworthy practices. When you choose American Roofing, your apartment will be getting the protection it deserves.

An Apartment Roof Replacement Company You Can Trust

American Roofing provides apartment roof replacement throughout Utah and is an active member of the Utah Apartment Association. As responsible and seasoned roofing professionals, we always strive for outstanding results and make sure to keep your property neat and clean from start to finish. For your peace of mind, we offer the following and more with every roofing job:

  • A five-year warranty on labor and workmanship on all new roof installations
  • A written manufacturer’s warranty upon completion of a roofing project
  • A thorough final inspection to guarantee your satisfaction

We also give an incentive for every roofing referral that leads to a project. Earning the trust of many happy repeat customers who recommend us to their friends, family, and neighbors is something we’re proud of. Whether it’s roof repair, replacement, or installation, American Roofing is here to provide you with a watertight roofing system that lasts for years to come.

When to Get an Apartment Roof Replacement

How will you know? You can learn a lot from regular inspections. You can also be on the lookout for these tell-tale signs you need an apartment roof replacement.

The Roof Is Old

An outdated roof is much more likely to fail—getting an apartment roof replacement is one way to avert a disaster potentially.

It Needs to Be Repaired Often

Is a roof repair worth it?

Consider the yearly upkeep cost you carry. If the benefits of an apartment roof replacement outweigh the price, it might be a good idea.

It’s Lost Its Sparkle

Every place of business (and residence!) deserves to look its best.

Significant issues like deterioration, weather damage, or damage from a fire may all warrant an apartment roof replacement that pays for itself in the long run.

We recommend having your roof inspected at least once a year by your local roofing company. It’s usually much more cost-effective to replace a small problem before it snowballs.

It’s an Emergency

There are signs that constitute an emergency apartment roof replacement is needed:

  • Severe leaks: Sudden leaks can cause water damage to the ceiling, walls, and other structural damage like bowing or sagging.
  • Storm damage: Weather events can cause damage like missing shingles, displaced roofing materials, and unsecured elements.
  • Fire damage: Fire can compromise structural integrity, leading to the need for immediate replacement to ensure the safety of residents and prevent further damage.
  • Safety hazards: Loose or falling debris, exposed electrical wiring, or compromised rooftop access points require immediate attention and may require emergency replacement.

Flat Roofing Services in Utah

With our expertise in flat roofing solutions, we have you covered from installation, repair, and maintenance. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures that your flat roof receives the care and attention it deserves. Trust American Roofing for all your flat roofing needs, and experience the difference in our services.

What Our Clients Are Saying

As a REALTOR here in Salt Lake and the Secretary of the HOA for a local condo complex I can give my professional recommendation for American Roofing. I have used them with several of my clients with their single family residences as well as much larger projects with the 50 building complex that I am in charge of maintaining. They have been great to work with! The jobs are always done to satisfaction and if there ever is an issue they are quick to respond. I am careful about the companies I will work with and recommend to my clients because it is also my reputation on the line. I have no fear in giving them the contact info for American Roofing.

Darren Watson

I have been using American Roofing for several years now. I’ve used them for repairs and now they have replaced two flat roofs in the condo complex that I manage.

Their crew just finished replacing a flat roof in our complex. It’s a big job and we spent a lot of time getting bids and working with contractors to get what we wanted. American worked with us from start to finish of the bidding process and we ultimately selected them. This is now the second of our flat roofs that they have replaced and they have done a great job both times. Couldn’t ask for much more.

Their repair guys are also very knowledgeable and get the job done in pretty much any weather conditions. On one occasion they even had to shovel snow off the roof and use a heat gun to dry things out in order to make the repair.

I would recommend American Roofing for new/replacement roofs, as well as for repairs. Either way you’ll get quality work from knowledgeable crews.

Robert Hortin

I am on the HOA board for my condo association. Over the last three years I have had American Roofing work personally with me on three different jobs. They have been courteous and prompt on urgent matters. I have appreciated all the associates whether it be estimators, office staff or the ones doing the fix. I would recommend them to prospects looking for a good roofing contractor.

Ali Echevarria

…Your cooperation with our roofing consultant, Mr. Kraig Clawson, was outstanding. You completely read and understood the roofing specifications that were established as part of our project. Not only did you comply “to the letter” with these specifications you also provided us with insight on areas we missed to improve with the quality of our project.


Your staff that did the day-to-day work was also outstanding. We didn’t have one complaint about the way they went about their daily business. Any problems that came up were immediately addressed. I didn’t have any phone calls from any homeowners regarding how the job was being completed. Contrary, I had a lot of compliments on the way your staff was going about the business of putting on the new roofs at Essex Court.


Bottom line: American Roofing had done an excellent job for the Essex Court HOA. I would recommend (and have recommended) your services to anyone making an inquiry. I wish you all the success in the future.

Edward P. Kimball


Roofs typically last 20 years or more, but neglect or severe damages can lead to premature replacement. If repair or maintenance does not take care of the problems you’re having, American Roofing will provide apartment roof replacement at a fair and reasonable price.

Unfortunately, unattended leaks may cause water damage over time and weaken structural supports. That’s why you should monitor the condition of your roof, checking for signs of disrepair.

Any leak requires urgent attention because it can quickly develop into a bigger and costlier problem. As soon as you notice dripping water, don’t delay in calling a professional roofing company to come out and assess the problem.

The roof replacement process isn’t the same for everyone, but a typical timeline would be four to six days. However, this estimate greatly varies depending on the extent of damage and the roofing materials to be used.

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