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Built Up (Tar & Gravel)

Built up roofing is a durable flat roof system.

Built-up roofing systems have a long record of strength and durability in Utah. Unlike single ply membranes, which can be fairly easily punctured, a built-up roof is much more difficult to puncture or damage. A built-up roof consists of multiple plies of roofing felts adhered together with hot asphalt. Gravel is often embedded in hot asphalt as a surface coating to protect the finished roof system. Many of the problems associated with a built-up roof occur because of improper installation. With adequate drainage, a properly installed four-ply built-up roof system has a life expectancy of 20 plus years.

American Roofing Company has been installing built-up roofing since 1954; many of those roofs have performed well for 25 years or longer. We can advise you if this type of roofing is a good option for your home or commercial building.