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Built-up roofing systems have a long record of strength and durability in Utah. A built-up roof consists of multiple plies of roofing felts adhered together with hot asphalt. Gravel is often embedded in hot asphalt as a surface coating to protect the finished roof system. Many of the problems needing a built-up roof repair or replacement occur because of improper installation, something you won’t experience when you choose American Roofing Company.

We’ve been installing built-up roofing since 1954; many of those roofs have performed well for 25 years or longer. Our experienced team can advise you if this type of roofing is a good option for your home or commercial building.

What Is Built-Up Roofing?

Built-up roofing is a durable flat roof system. These types of roofs are water-resistant and designed to last. With adequate drainage, a properly installed 4-ply or 3-ply built-up roof system has a life expectancy of 20 plus years. Here at American Roofing Company, you can expect the kind of quality installation that will allow your new roof to last you many years to come. 


How long does a built-up roof last?

Depending on how well the roof was installed, you could potentially enjoy your built-up flat roof for more than 20 years.  

What is the difference between built-up roofing and modified bitumen?

When comparing a built-up roof vs. modified bitumen, it’s important to note that both are flat roof systems. Both are durable and designed to last. The main difference between them is what is used in the layers that make up the roof. A built-up roof has a base sheet, interplay sheets, and a cap sheet or other top surface layer made with a liquid coat or gravel. 

A modified bitumen roof has layers made up of asphalt and plastic or rubber polymers. Modified bitumen roofs combine traditional roofing installation techniques and technology-based advantages. Both roofs are sound options for any home or business owner considering a flat roofing system.  

What is a built-up roofing system?

A built-up roofing system is a common type of material used on low-slope roofs. It is made up of alternating layers of reinforcing fabric and asphalt (also known as bitumen). It is finished with a top layer known as aggregate—usually made of stone or gravel. 

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