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Flat Roof in Utah

We work with various roof types at American Roofing, including flat roofs. While flat roofs are most commonly seen in commercial buildings, our contractors also have extensive experience installing and repairing them for apartments, condominiums, and other residential buildings in the greater salt lake area. Here are some benefits of having a flat roof and the many styles and materials available.

Flat Roofing Types And Materials

Our flat roof specialists handle a wide range of roof types and materials, including:

Membrane Roofing: These are installed as thin sheets of plastic or elastomeric membranes glued onto the roof. Modified bitumen, thermoplastic polyolefin, PVC, and synthetic rubber are common membrane roofing materials.

Built-Up Roof: This traditional flat roofing method involves applying alternating layers of roofing felt (typically made of fiberglass) and asphalt. The top layer of asphalt is then covered in gravel or other chipped stones, providing sunlight and weather protection.

Benefits of a Flat Roof in Utah

Some of the main advantages of having a flat roof installed include:

Easy Installation and Repairs: Since there’s less chance of sliding off during installation, flat roofs are easier to replace and repair than pitched roofs.

Additional Space: You can turn the flat roof into a rooftop patio, an excellent place to relax and entertain guests.

Low Maintenance: Compared to a pitched roof, a flat roof’s ease of access ensures quick repairs with minimal specialized equipment.

What Our Clients Are Saying

As a REALTOR here in Salt Lake and the Secretary of the HOA for a local condo complex I can give my professional recommendation for American Roofing. I have used them with several of my clients with their single family residences as well as much larger projects with the 50 building complex that I am in charge of maintaining. They have been great to work with! The jobs are always done to satisfaction and if there ever is an issue they are quick to respond. I am careful about the companies I will work with and recommend to my clients because it is also my reputation on the line. I have no fear in giving them the contact info for American Roofing.

Darren Watson

I have been using American Roofing for several years now. I’ve used them for repairs and now they have replaced two flat roofs in the condo complex that I manage.

Their crew just finished replacing a flat roof in our complex. It’s a big job and we spent a lot of time getting bids and working with contractors to get what we wanted. American worked with us from start to finish of the bidding process and we ultimately selected them. This is now the second of our flat roofs that they have replaced and they have done a great job both times. Couldn’t ask for much more.

Their repair guys are also very knowledgeable and get the job done in pretty much any weather conditions. On one occasion they even had to shovel snow off the roof and use a heat gun to dry things out in order to make the repair.

I would recommend American Roofing for new/replacement roofs, as well as for repairs. Either way you’ll get quality work from knowledgeable crews.

Robert Hortin

I am on the HOA board for my condo association. Over the last three years I have had American Roofing work personally with me on three different jobs. They have been courteous and prompt on urgent matters. I have appreciated all the associates whether it be estimators, office staff or the ones doing the fix. I would recommend them to prospects looking for a good roofing contractor.

Ali Echevarria

…Your cooperation with our roofing consultant, Mr. Kraig Clawson, was outstanding. You completely read and understood the roofing specifications that were established as part of our project. Not only did you comply “to the letter” with these specifications you also provided us with insight on areas we missed to improve with the quality of our project.

Your staff that did the day-to-day work was also outstanding. We didn’t have one complaint about the way they went about their daily business. Any problems that came up were immediately addressed. I didn’t have any phone calls from any homeowners regarding how the job was being completed. Contrary, I had a lot of compliments on the way your staff was going about the business of putting on the new roofs at Essex Court.

Bottom line: American Roofing had done an excellent job for the Essex Court HOA. I would recommend (and have recommended) your services to anyone making an inquiry. I wish you all the success in the future.

Edward P. Kimball

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American Roofing offers decades of expertise in residential and commercial roofing, including flat roof repairs and replacements. Our crew members are licensed, insured, and extremely skilled at their job, ensuring every customer is satisfied with our service.

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Flat Roof FAQS

Each flat roof system has unique advantages for your home or commercial structure. As such, the best flat roof is the one that fits both your budget and the building’s needs. Our Utah flat roof specialists are open for consultation and can recommend a system based on those factors.

The choice of material determines the longevity of a flat roof. How well it’s maintained, the roof degrades quicker. EPDM, PVC, and TPO membrane roofing can last 15 to 25 years.

Yes, converting a pitched roof to a flat roof is possible, though it’s more common to convert a flat roof to a pitched one. Remember that such a conversion can involve completely replacing or altering your current roof structure. If you plan on converting your existing roof, our flat roof contractors can account for this in your free estimates.

The thickness of a flat roof depends on the temperature and if you’ll use it as extra space. If the roof is expected to bear heavy loads and foot traffic, it should be thicker than normal. Before replacement, our flat roofing team will account for these issues.
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A flat roof in Utah can potentially increase your insurance premiums as they’re not designed to carry heavy loads. They’re also more susceptible to water intrusion than pitched roofs. Flat roofs are at a higher risk of damage, so the insurance company may have to cover repairs more often.