Storm Damage Repairs in Salt Lake City

At American Roofing, our team is here to help with all your storm damage repair needs, from major structural damage to minor issues like broken shingles.

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Your roof protects your home and family from the elements. Heavy wind, rain storms, and other bad weather take a toll on your roof. But with the right storm damage repair services, you can fix the damage before the next round of bad weather hits.

American Roofing Company is your local roofing contractor. We’ve been helping Utah communities in the greater Salt Lake area with our storm damage repair services since 1954. Armed with over 70 years of experience and the best tools for the job, our team has the knowledge and skills to deliver high-quality results.

What Is Storm Damage?

We get all kinds of weather in Utah, from heavy snow to high winds and lightning and just about everything in between. Your roof has to stand up to it all.

Sometimes, the elements get through your roof’s defenses and cause damage that requires repair. If a storm has compromised the condition of your roof, the rest of your home becomes more vulnerable to water damage and other issues.

Storm damage can range from cracked roofing shingles or tiles to sections of the roof being torn off altogether. Your roof takes the brunt of every storm, so it needs to be strong. One crack in that armor can lead to much larger problems.

The Types of Roof Damage

Our storm damage repair service team has the know-how to fix a wide variety of roofing issues, both common and atypical. Our crew always approaches the roof repair process with a holistic approach.

We repair:

  • Roof leaks
  • Damaged or missing shingles
  • Mold growth
  • Damaged flashing
  • Clogged gutters
  • Gutters pulling away
  • And more

What’s the Best Way to Deal With Storm Damage?

Thunderstorms and snow storms in Utah can be a headache, especially when they do significant damage to the exterior of your home.

man on roof after storm

The specific storm damage repairs you need depend on factors like the age of your roof and the amount and type of damage your roof has sustained. Sometimes the damages in Salt Lake may be so severe that we recommend a roof replacement.

We don’t recommend that inexperienced homeowners try to make repairs on their own. While DIY solutions or hiring an unlicensed contractor can be tempting, you risk causing more damage or voiding your roof’s warranty.

If you suspect you have storm damage, give our crew a call, and we’ll come to your property and inspect:

  • Your roofing system
  • Your attic and ceilings
  • Outside areas, including your lawn
  • Gutters, windows, and vents

Homeowners can catch some problems, but other concerns require an expert’s eye. We are thorough in our inspections because detecting these problems lets us provide you with an accurate, straightforward estimate.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We had our roof replaced after the big wind storm in 2020. We acknowledged damage from a previous leak on our roof. Our roof was replaced and James Householder was great with our new roof but with the existing leak under our new roof James ghosted us. We called multiple times and left multiple messages with zero follow up.

American Roofing and James reached out after writing this review. They went above and beyond to get our roof fixed. We would recommend and use them for future roofing needs. Thank you.”

Erik Thomas

I highly recommend American Roofing. They were very helpful and answered all questions and concerns promptly. My roof was replaced due to a hail storm. American Roofing was very thorough in assessing damages. They recommended items not included in my claim and substantiated them to my insurance company. I am very pleased with my new roof.

Venita Gatrell

Fantastic roof, reasonable and fair pricing and our sales rep. Andrew Y. was exceptional to work with. This is the second house American has roofed for me and I couldn’t imagine going elsewhere. Also, a shout out to their hardworking roofing crew. They did a great job and I’m very happy with my brand new roof.

Andy Hatch

I definitely recommend going with American Roofing. I had an unusual roof with several ridges and angles. It would be difficult for anyone but they did an awesome job and at a competitive price. The roofing material was top notch. It is worth it to get the best with reliable workmanship and all their guarantees.

Nick Ortman

We used American Roofing years ago. They did an excellent job. This is the second time American Roofing re-roofed one of our other properties. Again, they are professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and the whole process went unbelievably smooth even with a couple of raining days. With American Roofing, you can trust them 100% without the slightest worry. We highly recommend them with your next roofing need.

Shing-Shing Lin

I have worked with American Roofing on many repairs and replacements. They respond quickly and provide high quality work. I would recommend them to anyone needing roof work. From simple patches to full roof replacement they have you covered.

Miles Romney (Standard Plumbing)

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Our Roof Inspection Can Make Filling Out Your Insurance Claim Easier

Your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover roof damage caused by wind, hail, ice, lightning, water, or fallen trees, so we recommend reading your policy thoroughly. Assessing your storm damage repair needs and navigating this process on your own can be daunting—especially if you’ve never done it before.

Our American Roofing team inspection services can make filling out your insurance claim easier, ensuring you gain maximum coverage and peace of mind. Our rigorous roof inspection means we can catch issues that would otherwise be easy to miss. Missing these issues might mean missing out on covered repairs.

Storm Damage Repair FAQs

Review some of the frequently asked questions about the damage caused by hail.

Common signs of storm damage include missing shingles or tiles, cracks in the shingles or tiles, and dark patches. You might also see visible debris on your roof, which can hide more significant damage below.

Homeowners insurance typically covers the roofing repairs needed after storm damage. You should check with your carrier to confirm coverage, but most policies include storm damage coverage.

Storm damage to shingles often causes cracks in the shingles or missing pieces. Cracks and chips often occur after windblown debris or fallen tree limbs hit the roof.

Strong storms can also tear off or partially peel back shingles from the roof deck. When inspecting your roof after a storm, look for gaps or holes in the shingles.

Yes, normal wear and tear to your roofing can look like storm damage. As your roof ages, the shingles can break down and peel away from the roof. Age-related issues can be mistaken for storm damage, but both situations require immediate attention.

Absolutely. We know that filing insurance claims can cause stress, especially after a traumatic event like a storm that damages your home. One of our roofing technicians will meet the insurance adjuster at your property on the day of your scheduled inspection to account for all property damage and provide an accurate assessment.