Apartment Roof Repair in Salt Lake City, Utah

Apartment Roof Leak Repair in Utah

When left ignored, a leaky apartment roof can cause devastating harm to both property and tenants. A little water seeping into the building may seem insignificant, but the more it collects and the longer it sits, the bigger problems it can cause. Whether a roof springs a leak due to severe weather or natural wear and tear, the safety and comfort of tenants depend on timely and reliable apartment roof repair. Aside from leaving behind unsightly stains, leaking water can encourage mold growth and weaken roof systems. Keep in mind that roof issues don’t go away on their own—they only get worse and are costlier to repair.

Apartment roof repair may be more complicated than it looks and can become more problematic when not done right. When turning to professional help, you want experienced roofers you can trust who use only the best quality products and materials. This is where the superior services of American Roofing come in. Since 1954, we have been the trusted local roofing company of many apartment complexes in Utah, and we’ve built our name on the premier customer service we provide. We can even help with unique situations such as solar panel removal. When you partner with us, we’ll also work hard to complete repairs quickly and neatly to avoid disruption to tenants.

Apartment Complex Roofing Services

We provide a wide variety of apartment roof repairs services. Some of our services include:

Our crews are hard workers and are qualified for all problems on any kind of roof. We have worked with individual apartment complexes and large property management companies throughout the state. We even work with insurance companies if your complex has been damaged by extreme weather.

American Roofing is capable of completing any size project from the smallest carport to a complete re-roof of an entire complex.

Schedule a Local Inspection for Apartment Roof Repair

Sometimes it can be hard to spot problems from the surface. If it’s been a while since your roof was last inspected by a professional, get one scheduled. An apartment roof inspection might discover underlying, foundational issues you weren’t even aware of. Avoid trouble down the road by calling in for a formal inspection at least once a year.

There are few problems we can’t solve. If you notice something off on your roof, give us a call.

How to Check for Roof Repair Needs

Some problems can be solved easily on your own. Other times? Having a professional around can help a lot. If you notice any of these warning signs, you might need an apartment roof repair.

Leaks and Moisture

Little is more alarming than moisture inside your home. Water and leakage should be inspected immediately—in many cases, it’s a costly mistake to wait the problem out.

Damage on the Outside

A sagging roof, a heat-damaged roof, failed flashings, and broken shingles are all great reasons to rework your apartment roof. Gaps, bubbles, and more can all be addressed quickly when dealt with by a professional.

Age and Weather Damage

The typical asphalt roof lasts between 15-20 years. If yours is getting close, or you don’t know how old it is, then it’s a good time to have a professional out to check your roof. Weather damage can happen no matter a roof’s age, so give your roof a good check on a regular basis, especially after severe weather.

Types of Roofs on Apartment Buildings

The most common type of roof for apartments is flat roofs. They provide efficient use of space, allowing for rooftop gardens, solar panels, and recreational areas. Their simplicity in construction and maintenance often makes them a cost-effective choice for commercial and residential structures alike.

However, flat roofs require proper drainage systems to prevent water pooling and potential leaks, requiring periodic inspection and maintenance. Despite these considerations, the versatility and sleek appearance of flat roofs continue to make them a popular choice in contemporary architecture and design.

A Local Roofing Company You Can Trust

American Roofing is the company you can trust to take care of your apartment roof repair for any roof.

There are a lot of roofing companies out there when you search for licensed roofers in your area, but none quite like us. As certified apartment roofers, go above and beyond for our customers, because we believe in supporting those who support us. For this reason, we are active members of the Utah Apartment Association.

At American Roofing, we promise to do our very best to provide our services in a professional manner that is hassle-free to you and your tenants. We strive diligently to keep your property neat during the project and always ensure to leave it clean when the job is complete.

We have proven ourselves countless times by repairing damaged roofs to many happy customers. We are proud to say that the great majority of our business comes from happy repeat customers, their associates, friends, and neighbors whom they have referred.

What Our Clients Are Saying

As a REALTOR here in Salt Lake and the Secretary of the HOA for a local condo complex I can give my professional recommendation for American Roofing. I have used them with several of my clients with their single family residences as well as much larger projects with the 50 building complex that I am in charge of maintaining. They have been great to work with! The jobs are always done to satisfaction and if there ever is an issue they are quick to respond. I am careful about the companies I will work with and recommend to my clients because it is also my reputation on the line. I have no fear in giving them the contact info for American Roofing.

Darren Watson

I have been using American Roofing for several years now. I’ve used them for repairs and now they have replaced two flat roofs in the condo complex that I manage.

Their crew just finished replacing a flat roof in our complex. It’s a big job and we spent a lot of time getting bids and working with contractors to get what we wanted. American worked with us from start to finish of the bidding process and we ultimately selected them. This is now the second of our flat roofs that they have replaced and they have done a great job both times. Couldn’t ask for much more.

Their repair guys are also very knowledgeable and get the job done in pretty much any weather conditions. On one occasion they even had to shovel snow off the roof and use a heat gun to dry things out in order to make the repair.

I would recommend American Roofing for new/replacement roofs, as well as for repairs. Either way you’ll get quality work from knowledgeable crews.

Robert Hortin

Great quality work. Had reroofing, additional ventilation and rain gutters done. They cleaned up their work when they were finished. Andrew was great to work with and was very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend them to someone with roofing needs.

Shay McBride

I am on the HOA board for my condo association. Over the last three years I have had American Roofing work personally with me on three different jobs. They have been courteous and prompt on urgent matters. I have appreciated all the associates whether it be estimators, office staff or the ones doing the fix. I would recommend them to prospects looking for a good roofing contractor.

Ali Echevarria

…Your cooperation with our roofing consultant, Mr. Kraig Clawson, was outstanding. You completely read and understood the roofing specifications that were established as part of our project. Not only did you comply “to the letter” with these specifications you also provided us with insight on areas we missed to improve with the quality of our project.

Your staff that did the day-to-day work was also outstanding. We didn’t have one complaint about the way they went about their daily business. Any problems that came up were immediately addressed. I didn’t have any phone calls from any homeowners regarding how the job was being completed. Contrary, I had a lot of compliments on the way your staff was going about the business of putting on the new roofs at Essex Court.

Bottom line: American Roofing had done an excellent job for the Essex Court HOA. I would recommend (and have recommended) your services to anyone making an inquiry. I wish you all the success in the future.

Edward P. Kimball

American Roofing stood behind their work years after completion for me. I have never had such great attention after the sale as I received from them. I don’t give recommendations, but this is the exception due to a great installation and follow up on a repair.

Kerry Lambertsen


If you’re renting an apartment and notice water dripping from your ceiling, this indicates that the roof is leaking and needs some attention. Since you’re a tenant, it is not your responsibility to get the roof fixed. However, it is your responsibility to notify your landlord of the leak so they can get someone out to fix it. You’ll want to notify your renter’s insurance company of any damages to your belongings caused by the leak as soon as possible, or they might not be covered.

There are several reasons your apartment ceiling might be leaking. It could be the pipes in your ceiling busted, and then your upstairs neighbor had a small bathroom flood after not closing their shower curtain fully. If you’re on the top floor, it could be a damaged roof. Notify your landlord of any leaks as soon as you notice them.

For rental properties, it’s the landlord’s duty to provide a well-maintained place for tenants. It is their responsibility to attend to any damages to the structure of a dwelling that’s not caused by the tenant. If there’s a roof or ceiling leak, the landlord is the party responsible for repairing it. Renter’s insurance does not cover structural damage like leaking roofs, but it does cover the damages to their property that were caused by the leak.

In terms of water damage in a rental, it depends on the source and cause of the water damage. If there was a flood and water crept through the foundation, doors, and windows of the property, it is the landlord’s responsibility. If the water damage was caused by tenant error, like an overflowing washing machine or bathtub, it is the tenant’s responsibility. 

If you notice a roof leak, you should consider it an emergency. Even if the leak is small, it can easily turn into a major issue if left unattended for any period of time. Small leaks can quickly cause extensive water damage. Leaks of any size need to be treated as emergencies.

Flat roofs don’t always leak, but they’re more likely to for several reasons. If there has been heavy rainfall, water can easily pool on a flat roof. Since the surface is flat, the water often has nowhere to go and can penetrate the flashing.

While you can make some repairs to flat roofs, not every situation can be fixed with just a repair. If your roof is new, you might want to look at the warranty that it came with to see if you can get it repaired for free or at a discounted price, depending on the terms. If your roof is old, shows signs of severe damage, or the problem persists after several repair jobs, a roof replacement might be the better route to take.

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