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Provo, UT

Provo, Utah’s third-largest city, has grown into a flourishing commercial and educational center since its founding in 1849. With Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University nearby, the city is one of the most educated in the country, fueling its thriving and developing tech industries.

Provo is bordered on three sides by the rugged Wasatch Mountains, Utah Lake, and Mt. Timpanogos. Among the many pursuits available in this vibrant metropolis are mountain biking, hiking, fly-fishing, and rock climbing. Provo’s world-renowned museums and garden parks are perfect for those looking for a more subtle adventure.

With winters that dip below zero and summers known for extreme heat, your home will need quality roofing maintained year-round to withstand the changing weather conditions. When you need reliable roofing contractors in Provo, UT, turn to American Roofing.

Experience the American Roofing Company Difference

Founded in 1954 and based in Salt Lake City, American Roofing is one of the state’s most respected roofing contractors. We specialize in the upkeep, repair, and replacement of roof systems for residential and commercial needs. What we offer goes beyond the job’s successful completion and includes:

Established Reputation: We have been in the field for over 60 years, gaining knowledge, skill, and a track record of satisfied clients. Our company’s longevity displays our commitment to providing superior workmanship over the years.

Longer Warranty: We provide a five-year warranty on all new roof installations, which is longer than industry standards. In addition, we offer a formal manufacturer’s warranty on your shingles or flat roof.

Customer Satisfaction: Our customers are our top priority in every project. After each job, we take the time to conduct a thorough inspection of our work to ensure your satisfaction. We take pride in the fact that most of our customers are repeats and referrals.

Honesty and Integrity: By working with us, you can rest assured that your investment will be worth every penny. We will always provide you with the service you need at reasonable rates.

When Do You Need Roofing Contractors in Provo, UT?

Your roof is essential to protecting your home and keeping you and your family safe from the elements. When it needs repair or replacement, there are telltale signs that you should watch for. Contact American Roofing Company’s Provo roofers right away to keep your roof in top shape when you notice the following signs:

  • Visible cracks on your roof
  • Warped or missing shingles
  • Seeping sunlight on your ceiling boards
  • Leakages after a downpour or water damage
  • Obvious wear and tear due to old age

Repairs can help extend the life of your roof and make it look as good as new. Most times, repairs are enough to solve minor roofing problems. However, more extensive damage may call for a replacement service.

By working with the Provo roofers from the American Roofing Company, you can ensure that you will get the service you truly need for your house, apartment, or business facility.

Trust the Experts at American Roofing Company

Don’t let small roofing problems escalate into bigger, costlier ones. Trust us to get the job done when you need roofing contractors in Provo, UT. Get in touch with us today for inquiries or to request a free estimate.

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American Roofing is the best choice for your reliable commercial or residential roofing of any size. We guarantee you’ll be pleased with our work. Contact us today to get a free quote or to ask any questions you may have about our services.

What Our Clients Are Saying

This company does great work. We have hired them several times around our storage unit property the very best part of the whole process was the follow up care by Dave. He made sure we were completely satisfied with the work, and clean up. He is friendly and a great representation of American Roofing.

Chrissy Burraston

It was a quick and painless experience. They did an awesome job. Very prompt and it looks really nice.

Destination Real Life

Great company to do business with! Would definitely recommend them to friends and family. Thank you!

AAMCO Murray