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You know you need to consult your HOA before you paint your house or make any drastic changes to your landscaping—but what about when it comes to roof repairs or replacement? Can you replace your roof without HOA approval? And do you need HOA approval for gutters and other repairs?

Answers to these questions depend on your specific HOA roofing guidelines, but we’re here to help answer common questions relating to HOAs and roof repairs.

Can Your HOA Make You Replace Your Roof?

Let’s cut to the chase by answering one of the most important questions: Can your HOA make you replace your roof? This depends on the documented agreement between you and your HOA. Some have requirements relating to the appearance and structural integrity of your roof, while others do not. Check your HOA agreement to find out any rules relating to roof replacement.

Common HOA Roof Requirements

Many HOAs have similar requirements when it comes to roof repairs, replacement, and appearance. If your HOA is like most, they may require the following:

  • All roofs must have similar materials, colors, or style.
  • Plans for a new roof must be submitted for approval beforehand.
  • Roofs must use hail-resistant material.

Though these are the most common roof requirements, your HOA may have stricter or looser rules. It’s best to consult with your HOA before you make any plans to repair or replace your roof.

When Do You Have to Consult Your HOA?

You should typically consult your HOA if you plan to completely replace your roof or have plans to change its appearance. Most HOAs want all of the roofs in the neighborhood to have a similar and cohesive look, so they will probably need to weigh in about:

  • Roof style
  • Shingle colors
  • Materials used

Some Decisions Are Left Up to You

Before you worry about losing all control over your roof repairs, keep in mind: Most HOAs do not have as many requirements regarding the materials used underneath the shingles. This means there are many choices they leave up to you, including:

  • Underlayment
  • Decking
  • Radiant barrier
  • Ice shielding

What to Ask Your HOA Before Roof Repairs

If you’re planning on getting roof repairs, you may be wondering how to approach your HOA. Here are some example questions you might ask before bringing in a roofing contractor:

  • Do I need to get approval before replacing my roof?
  • Can the HOA rescind approval of my roof replacement?
  • Are there any HOA roof color restrictions?
  • Can I choose the style of my roof?
  • Are there any requirements relating to roofing materials?
  • Does the HOA cover roof replacement?

When to Bring in a Contractor

It can be difficult to consult with your HOA if you’re not a roofing professional. If you’re ever confused about your HOA requirements, it’s smart to bring in a contractor to help with the process.

The right contractor will be comfortable working with your HOA. They’ll help you keep in line with the rules while still helping you get the roof repairs you have in mind. An experienced contractor will draw up plans and communicate with the HOA until the repairs are just right to meet their requirements.

What Happens If You Don’t Get HOA Approval?

You’ve gone through all the work of drawing up roofing plans with a contractor. You’ve presented them to your HOA, and they didn’t get approved. Now what?

At this point, it’s best to ask your HOA what changes need to be made in order for the plans to meet their requirements. You don’t want to waste any time guessing, and the HOA will be able to tell you exactly what needs to be adjusted. Once you do get approval, you can give the contractor the green light to get to work.

Tips for Working with Your HOA

Working with your HOA can be frustrating and confusing, but if you plan ahead, the whole process will be a lot less of a headache. Here are some tips for working with your HOA:

  • Review your HOA agreement before contacting a contractor.
  • Consult your HOA with any questions you have before drawing up roof replacement plans.
  • Fill out all required forms before making any repairs.
  • Be patient—many HOA boards meet just once a month, meaning some approvals will take time.
  • Always keep an open communication line with your contractor and HOA.
  • Hire a contractor who has worked with your HOA in the past.

Hire the Right Contractor Today

If you need roof replacement in Utah, contact American Roofing. As experts in residential roofing, we’ve worked with countless HOAs across the state. We’re very familiar with the process of getting HOA approval for roof repairs and will always meet the requirements in your neighborhood. Get in touch today to begin your roof replacement.


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Andrew Yorgason
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