Can Hail Damage a New Roof? What to Know

Last year, 4,611 hail storms occurred in the US. Many of these storms had baseball-sized hail that caused significant damage to homes, vehicles, and other outdoor property. State Farm

6 FAQs About Repairing Gutter Leaks

Rain gutters are a home feature you probably don’t think about unless you suspect a problem. However, regular maintenance can help prevent clogged or broken gutters and help you

Roof Anatomy 101: Roofing Terms Defined

Roof maintenance and repair is an essential part of being a homeowner. But whether you do some roof maintenance yourself or call in a professional, it’s important to know

How to Shingle a Shed Roof

How to Shingle a Shed Roof Shingles are designed to protect your roof from strong UV rays, harsh snow and wind, and critters and debris that might otherwise end up

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