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The most wonderful time of the year deserves the best decorations. The lights decorating your roof, windows, and your home’s exterior are no exception. Christmas lights are among the most cherished and enjoyed holiday decorations. They’re highly versatile, allowing homeowners the flexibility to choose the size, shape, and color they want.

But the holidays are a busy time of year. Many people are working and have additional to-dos added to their already hefty checklists. With so much going on, finding a reliable company to install your Christmas lights for the season makes sense.

Christmas Lights Installation In Salt Lake City

Many companies offer Christmas lights installation in Salt Lake City. We’ve done the research for you; check out our comprehensive list of companies below to find one that fits your needs.

Lumen Lighting

The Christmas light installation cost can be high, but Lumen Lighting claims to charge around 15–25% less than the average.

Bright Lights

Bright Lights is one of the largest light installation companies in the area, offering customized hanging. They also return to take them down at the end of the season.

Picture Perfect Homes

Picture Perfect Homes installs custom Christmas lights for your house and offers complete property decoration services.

Bingham Holiday Lighting

Tell the team at Bingham Holiday Lighting what lights you want, where you want them, and how you want the timer set. They’ll take care of the rest.

Senske Services

Customize your home’s lighting with tailored options from Senske Services. This company inspects every lighting system twice and returns to take it all down after the holidays.

Warriors for Light

Warriors for Light has a team of experienced light hangers to get the job done right. Their technicians also maintain full insurance coverage.

The Light Pros

Customization to fit your budget is what The Light Pros are all about, from lights arranged to themed music to simple displays. With over 30 years of service, they know a thing or two about Christmas lights.

Christmas Light Professionals

Christmas Light Professionals offer a price-match guarantee and response times between 24 and 48 hours.

We Hang Christmas Lights

We Hang Christmas Lights offers its services to both residential and commercial clients in the area.

Reliable Tree Care

Enjoy decorations and accents designed to bring out the best visual light show your home offers with Reliable Tree Care.

Wilkins Landscaping

Get a free estimate before your light hanging with Wilkins Landscaping. The team will take care of all the professional lighting details.

Landscaping Lighting Pro

The team at Landscaping Lighting Pro takes a highly professional approach to Christmas lighting projects.

Royal Slopes

Royal Slopes provides commercial-grade lighting, purchased in bulk, to help their clients save money.

Lit Nights

If you start early, you can get a discount from Lit Nights, as they provide special pre-Thanksgiving holiday lighting pricing.

Vibrant Lighting

Get stunning holiday lights with Vibrant Lighting, which offers a simple, three-step process from beginning to end.

Pete’s Holiday Lighting

Your property is unique and deserves lights that complement its appearance. Pete’s Holiday Lighting provides customized lighting options.

Clearview Window, Blind and Screen

Residential rooflines, commercial rooflines, tree lighting wraps, wreaths, and other decor elements are all part of the package offered by Clearview Window, Blind and Screen.

Utah Light Works

Utah Light Works is ready and waiting to bring your lighting vision for your home to life. They can handle light installation at all heights.

X Light Company

Not only will X Light Company install your Christmas lights, but they’ll also decorate your indoor Christmas tree and provide additional holiday decor.

Top Permanent Holiday Lighting in Salt Lake City

You can also invest in permanent holiday lighting on your Salt Lake City home. These companies are among the best to use for this service.

High Country Lighting

As the state’s #1 authorized dealer of Gemstone Lights, High Country Lighting can install permanent premium lighting that’s fully customizable.

Night Vision Landscape & Lighting

You can choose from classic warm white and color-changing permanent lights when you work with Night Vision Landscape & Lighting.

Forever Lighting

With Forever Lighting, you can change the color scheme and pattern to create simple or elaborate designs.


EverLights provides a patented design for permanent holiday lighting with up to 250 unique color and brightness patterns available at once.

Daybreak Lights

If you’re looking for smart exterior LED lighting options, choose Daybreak Lights for your permanent lights.

How Much Does Christmas Light Installation Cost?

Christmas light installation cost depends on several factors:

  • The size and height of your home
  • The type of lights you want
  • The company you choose
  • Any available discounts

You can get an accurate quote for your home through one of the installers listed above.

How Much Does Permanent Christmas Light Installation Cost?

Permanent Christmas lights installation is a newer option that involves paying a one-time fee for lighting that remains in place year-round. The cost of permanent Christmas lights varies, but it’s typically more than a one-time installation service. However, you could weigh the cost against what you’d pay for professional Christmas lights installation each year.

How to Prepare for Christmas Light Installation

Before having Christmas lights installed, it’s essential to ensure the roof is secure to support the weight of the installers. At American Roofing Company, we can inspect your roof and perform residential roofing repair or maintenance if needed. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

About the Author: Andrew Yorgason

Andrew Yorgason
Andrew Yorgason was born and raised in the Salt Lake Valley.  He is the proud father of four children and when he’s not up on a roof or at the office, you can find him on a golf course, at a sporting event, or spending time with his family at their ranch enjoying the outdoors and riding horses.  Andrew is a third-generation roofer and part of the next generation of ownership at American Roofing.  He has been involved with his family’s business since birth and loves helping protect homes in Utah one roof at a time.