As a homeowner, you understand how essential it is to maintain your deck. Not only is it a place of comfort to step away from daily stresses, but it is also an oasis you can use for entertaining guests, bonding with your family, and connecting with nature. If you’re looking to renovate your backyard setting for these reasons—you’ve come to the right place!

This guide will provide a list of 24 of the best deck builders in Salt Lake City that have our stamp of approval. These professionals will give you and your family the home upgrade you deserve.

Best Deck Builders And Refinishers Serving The Salt Lake City Area

These 24 professionals will provide high-quality service and materials to meet your expectations and needs.

1. Salt Lake City Deck

In addition to deck installation and maintenance services, Salt Lake City Deck also provides free initial estimates, contractor advice, and customized patios personalized for their customers. With these guys, the customer runs the show.

2. Backyard Builders of Utah

Backyard Builders of Utah is committed to providing a simplified deck design process with the finest building materials. Because of their connections with the Utah construction industry, you pay a fraction of the cost compared to other companies.

3. Utah Deck Company

Led by licensed and insured building experts, Utah Deck Company uses recycled, eco-friendly materials like Trex decking, to design a naturalistic backyard setting. They encourage constructive feedback to hold themselves accountable for future projects.

4. Decko

Don’t limit yourself to simple deck redesign projects. With Decko, you can opt for outdoor lighting and handrail projects. A lifetime warranty is offered for their deck labor, meaning they take full responsibility if something goes wrong.

5. JV Custom Decks

JV Custom Decks is a certified TrexPro Platinum dealer, so you receive Trex warranties that other contractors won’t offer. Additional features are offered that can enhance your deck’s uniqueness, including rails and stairs.

6. Rocky Mountain Stair Works

While Rocky Mountain Stair Works is known for its supply of custom-built stair projects, they also handle deck projects at no charge for maintenance. Additionally, they remain up-to-date on building codes to ensure safety regulations are met.

7. West Crossroad Deck Solutions

West Crossroad Deck Solutions is a family-owned company that offers customized deck installation services with personalized entertainment features. They also keep themselves educated through regular training sessions.

8. TC Decks

Why choose TC Decks as your contractor? Their cutting-edge 3D design provides customers with a detailed layout of their outdoor area before any renovation commences. A one-year project warranty is also offered.

9. CFC Fences & Decks

With 30+ years of installation experience, CFC Fences & Decks is a well-known deck builder in Salt Lake City. Low-maintenance railing products are offered, and they install multiple decking materials and build pergola structures so you can cool off during the summer.

10. SLC Deck & Fence L.L.C.

Led by professional carpenters, SLC Deck & Fence L.L.C. can handle just about any craftsmanship project you desire, including carpentry, woodcraft, and custom metalwork. Their materials are sourced from local distributors.

11. McMorris Decks & Structures

If time is your concern, note that McMorris Decks & Structures provides estimates in two days. Not only will they tailor their decks to satisfy your desires, but you can also have an in-deck hot tub installed if you wanted.

12. Mountain View Decking

With Mountain View Decking, you can rest easy knowing that any damaged or weathered-down deck is handled properly. This licensed contractor can thoroughly assess damages, identify proper enchantment practices, and create exquisite outdoor wood decks.

13. Cottonwood Custom LLC

Cottonwood Custom LLC offers more than just high-quality deck construction projects. They are well-informed on residential permits, meaning you won’t run into any trouble over construction regulations. They also provide deck maintenance tips.

14. Bluebird Deck Company

If you’re seeking an environmentally-friendly company committed to harmless maintenance products, look no further than BlueBird Deck Company. They remove their products safely to ensure that they live up to their sustainability principles.

15. Deck Resurfacing Specialists

Deck Resurfacing Specialists offers an annual recoating service to keep your redwood deck looking astounding. They work with residential, rental properties, and commercial sites. They supply all the materials they use.

16. Gorgeous Deck & Patio

With Gorgeous Deck & Patio, you don’t have to worry about keeping your deck properly maintained in harsh weather conditions. Since they use elastomeric for their coatings, your deck will maintain its quality, even during tough weather conditions.

17. LWA Builders

Are you looking for a locally-owned, insured contractor specializing in deck building and other home renovation designs? Do you need a professional to assess damaged wood? If so, LWA Builders is ready to take your call.

18. Salt Lake Fence Company

Helping clients save money on deck installation is what Salt Lake Fence Company strives for, which is why you only pay for the initial price, no matter the length of a project. Other specialties include wood, vinyl, and metal fences.

19. Crossbeam Builders

With Crossbeam Builders, you can expect a thorough process that includes one-on-one consultation, a design phase, and a post-production process to determine final needs and documentation. You receive a two-year warranty.

20. Quality Decking of Utah

Customizing your deck to suit your lifestyle can be an intimidating process without the proper expertise. With Quality Decking of Utah, they’ll walk you through everything, including sizing, railings, and custom stairs. Best of all, their estimates are free.

21. Best Vinyl

If you’re looking for a company that can install multiple fence types, including steel and composite fences, look no further than Best Vinyl. Take advantage of their special financing offers.

22. H&H Custom Decks And Timberz

H&H Custom Decks and Timberz strives to cultivate a captivating outdoor experience with its custom deck and railing installation services. Since they use Trex composite materials, you know you’ve got an environmentally-conscious company.

23. Vinyl Industries

Why select Vinyl Industries as your decking provider in Utah? The company prides itself on its low-maintenance approach to renovation projects. They also offer installation warranties, which cover any faulty craftsmanship on their part.

24. King Triton Construction

King Triton Construction uses Gaco brand decks to help owners preserve their home’s exterior against extreme climates and waterborne pollutants. Plus, they use a variety of colors and patterns to customize your home design to suit your style.

Renovate Your Home with American Roofing

Familiarizing yourself with companies in the Salt Lake City area will help you choose the best deck builder for your needs. While you’re getting your deck done, why not get your roof repaired while you’re at it? Help your home withstand extreme weather conditions by keeping up with decking and roof maintenance. If you need a roof repair, contact American Roofing for a consultation today!

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